Uniview IPC675LFW-AX4DUPKC-VG: The Ultimate 5MP LightHunter Active Deterrence Mini PTZ Camera

In today's fast-paced world, security is paramount, whether it's for your home, business, or public spaces. The advancement of technology has transformed the surveillance industry, bringing us cutting-edge solutions that provide not only security but also peace of mind. The Uniview IPC675LFW-AX4DUPKC-VG 5MP LightHunter Active Deterrence Mini PTZ Camera is a prime example of this evolution. With its impressive features and capabilities, this camera sets a new standard for surveillance excellence.


**High-Quality Imaging**

At the heart of the Uniview IPC675LFW-AX4DUPKC-VG is a 5MP 1/2.7" CMOS sensor that delivers impeccable image quality. Whether it's day or night, you can trust this camera to capture clear and detailed footage, ensuring you never miss a thing.

**Advanced Video Compression**

This camera supports multiple video compression standards, including Ultra 265, H.265, H.264, and MJPEG. This means you can optimize your video storage without compromising on quality, saving both bandwidth and storage space.

**Smart Intrusion Prevention**

One of the standout features of this camera is its smart intrusion prevention capabilities. It supports various detection modes such as Cross Line, Intrusion, Enter Area, and Leave Area detection. False alarms can be incredibly frustrating, but with Uniview's advanced technology, you can significantly reduce them, ensuring that you only receive alerts when it truly matters.

**People Counting**

The Uniview IPC675LFW-AX4DUPKC-VG goes beyond basic surveillance by offering People Counting functionality. This feature enables you to monitor people flow and crowd density in different scenarios, making it ideal for businesses, public areas, and event venues.

**LightHunter Technology**

Low-light environments can be challenging for standard cameras, but not for the Uniview IPC675LFW-AX4DUPKC-VG. Its LightHunter technology ensures ultra-high image quality even in low illumination conditions, guaranteeing that you'll get the evidence you need when it matters most.

**Optical WDR**

With up to 120 dB Optical Wide Dynamic Range, this camera excels at capturing scenes with challenging lighting conditions. Whether it's a bright day with deep shadows or a dimly lit area at night, the Uniview IPC675LFW-AX4DUPKC-VG delivers consistent image quality.

**Built-in Mic & Speaker**

Communication is key, and this camera features a built-in microphone and speaker. This allows you to listen to what's happening and even communicate with individuals on-site, providing an added layer of security and convenience.

**Smart IR and Warm Light**

The Uniview IPC675LFW-AX4DUPKC-VG features Smart IR technology, providing up to 50 meters (164 feet) of infrared night vision. Additionally, it offers a warm light with a range of 10 meters (33 feet), enhancing visibility in low-light situations.

**Storage Flexibility**

With support for Micro SD cards up to 256GB, you have the flexibility to choose your preferred storage solution. Whether you prefer local storage or cloud-based options, this camera has you covered.

**Weatherproof Design**

This camera is built to withstand the elements with its IP66 protection rating. Whether it's rain or shine, you can rely on it to perform consistently.

**Power Options**

The Uniview IPC675LFW-AX4DUPKC-VG can be powered via DC12V or PoE (IEEE 802.3af), giving you the flexibility to choose the most suitable power supply for your setup.

In conclusion, the Uniview IPC675LFW-AX4DUPKC-VG 5MP LightHunter Active Deterrence Mini PTZ Camera is a top-of-the-line surveillance solution that combines advanced technology with ease of use. Whether you need it for your home, business, or a public space, this camera's high-quality imaging, smart features, and robust design make it a reliable choice for all your security needs. You can find this exceptional camera at cctvimporters.com.au, where security meets innovation. Invest in the Uniview IPC675LFW-AX4DUPKC-VG, and experience the future of surveillance today.