Bosch Blue Line Gen2 PIR Motion Detectors

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The Blue Line Gen2 PIR Motion Detectors (ISC-BPR2) use two Fresnel lenses designed to produce sharply focused images throughout the field of view providing superior response to intruders. These lenses provide a high density (77 zone) 7‑layer pattern, and the selectable lookdown lens provides an additional three lookdown zones.


First Step Processing (FSP): First Step Processing (FSP) almost instantly responds to human targets without producing false alarms from other sources. FSP adjusts the detector's sensitivity based on signal amplitude, polarity, slope, and timing.

Pet‑friendly Selectivity (‑WP models only): The installer can turn pet immunity on or off based upon application requirements. When pet immunity is turned off, the detector provides superior catch performance identical to the non‑pet models. When pet immunity is turned on, the detector can distinguish between signals caused by humans and signals caused by pets.

Dynamic Temperature Compensation: The detector intelligently adjusts its sensitivity so that it can identify human intruders at virtually any temperature.

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