BOSCH CM707B expander Solution 6000, 8/16 zone expander, (ONLY FOR PLUGGING ONTO THE CM705PB Universal Expander)

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Introducing the BOSCH Solution 6000 8/16 Zone Expander – the ideal companion to the CM705B Universal Zone Expander, enhancing the capabilities of your security system. Designed exclusively for plugging onto the CM705PB Universal Expander, this module seamlessly integrates to provide additional 8 hard-wired zone inputs.

This expansion module is tailored for users seeking an extended security network. By connecting to the expansion port on the CM705B, it augments your system to support a total of 16 hard-wired zone inputs. This configuration allows for Alarm + Tamper, 4 state monitoring, or Single End of Line (EOL) setups, ensuring versatile and customizable security solutions to meet your specific needs.

The BOSCH Solution 6000 8/16 Zone Expander delivers the reliability and performance expected from BOSCH security solutions. Elevate your security infrastructure, ensuring comprehensive coverage and heightened monitoring capabilities. Trust in BOSCH for cutting-edge technology that seamlessly integrates into your existing setup, providing peace of mind and robust protection for your premises.


The CM707B Plug On Zone Expander is supplied with both 3K3 and 6K8 EOL resistors and 3 plastic PCB standoffs to mount the module onto the CM705B Universal Expander. You should fit the standoffs to the expander first and then connect the CM705B module. The Status LEF flashes to indicate the expander is communicating with the panel. If the LED is ON steady then the module is not communicating with the panel. The CM707B Plug One Zone Expander earthing point connects to a communications earth for maximum lightning protection

Solution 6000-IP Access Control & Alarm Systems

The Solution 6000-IP is a fully integrated access control and intrusion detection system supporting both wired and wire-free options. Combining an intuitive user interface and high-speed programming software makes it an easy-to-use complete security solution, ideal for a business premises or larger home.

Expandable to Suit Your Needs

Whether you are looking to secure a home or business, every premises is going to be different - with the ability to be expanded to support up to 144 zones, 16 doors and 990 users, the Solution 6000-IP can provide the perfect fit even in the largest of security applications.

The Solution 6000-IP provides the flexibility to divide your alarm system into several separately controllable areas including a common area (this can be a reception area, hallway, or underground carpark). It provides the flexibility for users to arm and disarm the areas that they have been given access to, without affecting other areas of your premises.

Simplistic Operation

The keypad features a graphical user interface that incorporates a text-driven menu system. Colour coded, illuminated keys make it easy to operate and easily identify Armed and Disarmed modes, and the status of access-controlled doors, while the built-in sounder provides audible feedback when operating the system.

It also incorporates a built-in Smart Card reader, allowing users to simply present their token to the keypad to arm/disarm and/or unlock a door in one simple action. WiFi enabled keypad options allow the panel to join existing wireless networks in your home or business, using features like IP reporting and upload/download via IP to control the panel.

Making System Admin Easy

Use Site Manager software to easily administer the day-to-day operations of your system. Ideal for security managers, it allows for remote control of multiple panels in different locations through IP networks, providing access / control of user lists, access control, time zones, as well as system and user activity logs.

NB. For IP connectivity, an IP module or WiFi keypad must be connected to the panel.


Connect to the MyAlarm cloud security service to make use of the iFob Control app available on both IOS and AndroidOS. Check system status, arm or disarm, and operate doors and outputs. You’ll never miss an alarm event with push, voice, SMS or email notification available. You will know when other users have armed or disarmed the system – like your children coming home, or your staff locking up when leaving.

Main Features:

  • 16 on-board zones (expandable to 144 wired or wireless), partitionable to 8 areas with 990 PIN, token, key fob and fingerprint users
  • Integrated access control for up to 16 doors
  • Smart card keypads, weather-proof external metal keypads, internal and external LAN readers and fingerprint Lan readers available
  • 5 on-board outputs (expandable to 37)
  • GSM/GPRS and Ethernet options
  • Up to 37 outputs, 5 on-board
  • 2000 event log

Bosch Security - Wiring an Intrusion Alarm System Control Panel - Basic

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