Bosch PR370 Combined Smart & Prox Card Fob

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The Solution 6000 Integrated Access Control & Alarm System offers an extensive feature listing including integrated proximity, numerous wire free options, high speed windows programming software and the simplest user - installer interface on the market today. The Solution 6000 can be programmed to use a wireless remote that easily fits onto your keyring. These small remote controls allow you to arm and disarm your business premises by simply pressing one button.

Key Features

  • These Smart Card Tags will work on the Solution 6000 panel, 144 and older Prox type keypads for Solution 16Plus and Solution 16i.
  • A handy alternative to using a code, just swipe your keys across the keypad on your way in and out of the premises to automatically arm and disarm your system.
  • Great for the elderly or young children.
  • Available from Cheap Alarm Parts.
  • Can be programmed to turn the alarm on and off with one swipe.


  • Solution 6000
  • Solution 144
  • Solution 16Plus
  • Solution 16i

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