BOSCH WP06 slimline combo siren outdoor screamer & blue strobe light with eol resistor

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Introducing our Slimline Combo Siren & Blue Strobe Light, the ultimate solution for security and alert systems. With a sleek design and powerful features, this device is a must-have for any security setup.

At the heart of this combo is a robust siren capable of emitting a piercing 110dB sound, ensuring that any potential threat is quickly deterred. Whether it's an intrusion, fire, or other emergency, the powerful siren will grab attention and prompt action.

Complementing the siren is a vibrant blue strobe light, providing a visual alert that's impossible to miss. The intense blue light is highly effective in catching attention, even in noisy or crowded environments.

Designed for versatility, this combo operates within a wide voltage range of 9-15VDC, making it compatible with various power systems commonly found in homes, offices, and commercial buildings.

Equipped with an End of Line (EOL) resistor tamper, this device ensures the integrity of your security system, detecting any unauthorized attempts to tamper or bypass the unit.

With dimensions of 200Hx110Wx70D (MM), this slimline combo fits seamlessly into any environment without detracting from aesthetics or taking up unnecessary space.

Trust in the reliability and performance of our Slimline Combo Siren & Blue Strobe Light to enhance the safety and security of your premises.

Information Details
Vendor Bosch
Brand Bosch
Product Type Siren/Strobe
Warranty 12 Months


Quick Overview:

Secor@ power-saving technology ensures prolonged battery life, typically up to 5 years of continuous use with a lithium battery. Exclusively available from Cheap Alarm Parts, this innovative product holds an Innovation Patent, meticulously crafted to deliver heightened security, performance, and convenience.

Fully supervised, it monitors for tampering, low battery levels, and RF communication integrity. With an extended RF range of at least 250m in open-air environments, it ensures reliable connectivity. Its IP55 rating, featuring double plastic covers, offers enhanced protection against harsh conditions.

Crafted with durability in mind, its robust case is constructed from rugged UV-treated polycarbonate, ensuring longevity. Operating is made effortless with a dual-function tamper switch designed for easy programming and enrollment.

Enjoy flexible zone utilization options, allowing for the customization of supervision levels using three, two, or even just one zone. With the ability to distinguish between burglar and fire alarms, it meets Australian installation standards and thrives in harsh conditions.

Tested rigorously for performance, it boasts an impressive range, functioning flawlessly several houses down the road. Compatible with all Bosch panels and most others, it eliminates the need for the RF3212E receiver by featuring its own transmitter.


We offer 2 Years warranty 



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Delivery typically takes 3-5 business days all over Australia including Tasmania.

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BOSCH Intrusion Alarm Systems - Solution 2000 & 3000

The Solution 2000 & 3000 alarm panel series from Bosch Security Systems offers you the perfect solution. We’ve created a security system that has all the technology it needs to identify intruders to your home or small business, without being hard to use. It helps you protect the things you love, providing you with reliable security at your fingertips.

Ready for the wireless world.

Enjoy easy control of your Solution 2000 intrusion panel with the inclusion of wireless keyfobs that allow you to arm & disarm your system, control external outputs and trigger a panic alarm if you cannot reach the keypad.

Alternatively, experience the true power of wireless with the Solution 3000, which includes the option to integrate with the Bosch RADION range of wireless transmitters. With a growing suite of wireless products such as motion sensors, door & window reed switches, and remote keyfobs, Bosch RADION wireless will create new options for how you manage your home security.

Flexibility, agility, and peace of mind.

Supporting up to 8 fully programmable zones on the Solution 2000 and 16 fully programmable zones on the Solution 3000, these intrusion alarm panels are suitable for any home, and even small commercial premises.

With support for up to 4 keypads on both panels and the ability to split into two separate areas, you have the flexibility of one security system that can act as two. Both the house and garage, granny flat, shop, office or warehouse can be covered by the one system at one cost. Each area can even report separately if desired – the perfect arrangement for shared premises such as duplex houses or commercial properties, where more than one business occupies the unit space.

Security... at your fingertips.

Left from work and want to make sure you armed the alarm? Want to open your shop or warehouse door for a delivery? Just load the Bosch Remote Security Control Plus1 app and you’ll have full control of your intrusion panel through your AndroidOS or IOS smartphone.

Arm and disarm your system, trigger outputs to run external devices (like roller doors, air conditioning units, or smart lighting systems), or even check what time the kids left in the morning for school or what time your employees opened up the shop – all of these features and more are built into the intuitive and easy to use Bosch RSC + app.

Other features:

  • 32 User Codes
  • Up to 32 Keyfobs
  • Up to 8 RF Repeaters
  • Selectable Reports per User Code
  • Remote Arming f LCD Icon, LCD Alphanumeric, and Touchscreen Support
  • Dynamic Battery Test
  • Day Alarm
  • Walk Test Mode
  • Back to Base Reporting
  • Domestic Reporting
  • Dual Entry Timers
  • AC Fail Supervision
  • Phone Line Supervision
  • Zone Lockout

Bosch Security - Remote Security Control: Overview

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