Dahua NVR5216-16P-AI/ANZ 16 Channels 1U 16PoE 2HDD WizSense Network Video Recorder

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16 Channels 1U 16PoE 2HDD WizSense Network Video Recorder

  • Smart H.265+/H.265/Smart H.264+/H.264/MJPEG decoding format.
  • 32-channel 1080p self-adaptive decoding capability.
  • Max. 384 Mbps incoming/recording/outgoing bandwidth.
  • AI by recorder: 2-channel face detection and recognition, 4-channel perimeter protection, and 8-channel SMD Plus.
  • AI by camera: Face detection and recognition, perimeter protection, SMD Plus, metadata, ANPR, and people counting.
  • Security baseline 2.3.


Introducing the NVR5216-16P-AI/ANZ: Revolutionizing Surveillance Innovation

Experience the pinnacle of surveillance technology with the NVR5216-16P-AI/ANZ, a groundbreaking 16-channel 1U Network Video Recorder engineered to redefine the landscape of security and intelligence. With a blend of advanced AI capabilities and versatile decoding formats, this system stands as a testament to unwavering protection and cutting-edge innovation.

**Decoding Brilliance, Unmatched Efficiency:**
Immerse yourself in decoding excellence with the NVR5216-16P-AI/ANZ, boasting a spectrum of decoding formats including Smart H.265+, H.265, Smart H.264+, H.264, and MJPEG. Embrace uninterrupted access, storage, and forwarding at an astounding 384 Mbps, ensuring a seamless and efficient surveillance journey.

**Visual Precision Elevated:**
Experience video decoding with unprecedented finesse, as the NVR's formidable capabilities decode up to 32 channels of 1080p video with an innate self-adaptive prowess. Enjoy an immersive experience marked by visual excellence and fluidity.

**AI Mastery, Unveil the Future:**
Elevate your surveillance strategy with the integrated AI features of the NVR. Harness the precision of 2-channel face detection and recognition, fortifying your security perimeter with unrivaled accuracy. Strengthen your defenses further with the 4-channel perimeter protection feature, ensuring no threats go unnoticed. Enrich your threat identification capabilities with the 8-channel SMD Plus, an asset in detecting and categorizing suspicious activities.

**AI-Enabled Cameras, Beyond Expectations:**
Expand your surveillance horizons with AI-capable cameras, ushering in an era of enhanced intelligence. Benefit from facial detection and recognition, vigilant perimeter protection, SMD Plus, insightful metadata analysis, ANPR functionality for vehicle identification, and comprehensive people counting. The NVR5216-16P-AI/ANZ seamlessly integrates with these cameras, introducing a new dimension of intelligence to your security framework.

**Seamless Integration, Elevated Confidence:**
The NVR effortlessly integrates with third-party network cameras, ensuring a seamless incorporation into your existing surveillance ecosystem. Elevate your surveillance capabilities without compromise, reinforcing your security posture to new heights.

**Security Elevated, Trust Reinforced:**
With a security baseline of 2.3, the NVR5216-16P-AI/ANZ embodies a fortified defense for your data and feeds. Your privacy and security are paramount, and this NVR upholds the most stringent standards to safeguard your assets.

The NVR5216-16P-AI/ANZ isn't just a recorder; it's a sentinel infused with AI brilliance, decoding mastery, and integration prowess. Elevate your surveillance aspirations with the pinnacle of innovation, and take command of your security narrative in ways never thought possible. Rely on the NVR5216-16P-AI/ANZ to set a new benchmark for surveillance excellence.


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