Dahua NVR5432-16P-AI/ANZ 32 Channels 1.5U 16PoE 4HDD WizSense Network Video Recorder

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32 Channels 1.5U 16PoE 4HDD WizSense Network Video Recorder

  • Smart H.265+/H.265/Smart H.264+/H.264/MJPEG decoding format.
  • 32-channel 1080p self-adaptive decoding capability.
  • Max. 384 Mbps incoming/recording/outgoing bandwidth.
  • AI by recorder: 2-channel face detection and recognition, 4-channel perimeter protection, and 8-channel SMD Plus.
  • AI by camera: Face detection and recognition, perimeter protection, SMD Plus, metadata, ANPR, stereo analysis, heat map, and people counting.
  • Security baseline 2.3.

Introducing the NVR5432-16P-AI/ANZ: Redefining Surveillance Excellence

Elevate your security infrastructure with the NVR5432-16P-AI/ANZ, a pinnacle of innovation in the realm of Network Video Recorders. With its unparalleled features and intelligent capabilities, this 32-channel 1.5U NVR is designed to empower you with a comprehensive and advanced surveillance solution.

**Efficient Video Decoding**

With support for Smart H.265+, H.265, Smart H.264+, H.264, and MJPEG decoding formats, the NVR5432-16P-AI/ANZ optimizes video compression for the highest quality output. Experience seamless video access, storage, and forwarding, making the most of its 384 Mbps incoming, recording, and outgoing bandwidth capabilities.

**Immersive Self-Adaptive Decoding**

Featuring an impressive 32-channel 1080p self-adaptive decoding capability, this NVR ensures your surveillance footage is presented in stunning clarity and detail. Enjoy smooth playback and analysis of multiple video streams simultaneously.

**Unleash AI-Driven Intelligence**

Experience the power of AI with the NVR5432-16P-AI/ANZ's integrated intelligence suite. The recorder itself offers 2-channel face detection and recognition, 4-channel perimeter protection, and 8-channel SMD Plus for robust threat identification and tracking.

**Camera-Integrated AI Brilliance**

Take advantage of camera-based AI brilliance as well. With face detection and recognition, perimeter protection, SMD Plus, metadata extraction, ANPR, stereo analysis, heat map generation, and people counting, this NVR seamlessly collaborates with AI-enabled cameras to provide an all-encompassing surveillance experience.

**Uncompromised Performance**

Built for demanding scenarios, the NVR5432-16P-AI/ANZ boasts a maximum bandwidth of 384 Mbps for incoming, recording, and outgoing data flows. Rest assured that your surveillance operations will run seamlessly, even in high-data situations.

**Fortified Security**

With a security baseline of 2.3, the NVR5432-16P-AI/ANZ takes your data protection seriously. Safeguard your surveillance data with top-tier encryption and authentication protocols, ensuring the utmost security for your sensitive information.

In a world where security is paramount, the NVR5432-16P-AI/ANZ stands as a beacon of innovation and reliability. With its remarkable decoding capabilities, AI-driven intelligence, and commitment to security, it's the ultimate choice for organizations seeking a comprehensive and future-ready surveillance solution. Choose the NVR5432-16P-AI/ANZ and redefine the way you perceive security.

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