Lockwood ES8100 V-LOCK, PTO/PTL, 11.4-28VDC, FULLY MONITORED No Finish

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Designed and assembled in Australia, the ES8100 incorporates many improvements over its Lockwood/Trimec predecessor, the ES8000, including a higher pre-load rating of 100kg, Door Position Monitoring, integrated LED lock status and diagnostics visual indication, increased door misalignment from 7mm to 12mm, an IP53 rating for external door applications and simple, one-step, PTO/PTL onsite configuration.

Although completely redesigned internally, the new ES8100 V-Lock body and faceplate retains the original footprint and is a direct retrofit to the original ES8000 model. The ES8100 strike plate utilizes the same fixing locations but is 3mm wider to increase misalignment distance.


  • Unlocks under a Pre-Load of up to 100kg in 3-wire mode, 15kg in 2-wire mode
  • Locks under a Pre-Load of 20kg (12W) and 35kg (24W)
  • 1000kg Holding Force
  • IP53 rated for external door applications
  • Door Position and Lock Status Monitoring
  • On-Board visual Lock Status indication and diagnostics LED
  • Easy, one-step, Fail Safe (PTL) and Fail Secure (PTO) field selection
  • Optional Surface / Glass mount Kit
  • May be mounted vertically or horizontally (must not be mounted in the floor)
  • Allows for door misalignment of up to 12mm total (+/-6mm)
  • Operating voltage: 11.4 - 26VDC
  • Durability tested to 500,000 cycles (120N unlocking, 50N locking)


  • Single and Double Swing hinge Doors
  • Doors subject to Side Load (Pre-Load)
  • Misaligned doors
  • Glass doors
  • Suitable for use with Access Control, Intercom, Keypad and Card Reader Systems and doors requiring door position monitoring


Part Number Description
ES8100 ASSA ABLOY ES8100 V-Lock, 11.4 -26VDC, Fail Safe, Full Monitoring
208000-000 ES8100 V-Lock Glass Door Housing (Includes Dress Plate & Fixing Tape)
208100-003 100 V-Lock Strike Plate with Magnet




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