Ness M1 GOLD 14" KIT including NAVIGATOR KEYPAD, Control panel

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Experience a unique blend of powerful automation and solid security with the Ness Corporation M1 GOLD 14" KIT including NAVIGATOR KEYPAD and control panel. Equipped with features like flash memory firmware, RS-232 serial port, ethernet connectivity, PC programming, and a versatile keypad, the M1 Gold is designed to make installers and end-users lives easier. With built-in voice telephone dialler and telephone remote, users can enjoy a 500+ word vocabulary that pleasantly announces system status.

Supplied With
  • Ness M1 Gold Module
  • M1 Navigator Touch Screen Keypad
  • Power Assy kit (Inc 17VDC Power Supply, 12Volt 7 A/H Battery, dialler lead and Tamper switch & brackets.)
  • 14" tamper kit
  • 14" metal housing
  • Accessory kit
  • Manuals


     Made In Australia Made In Australia by NESS


  • Large zone capacity, expandable to 208 zones.
  • Two Way Listen-in interface.
  • Flash Memory - Allows field updates to firmware.
  • RS-232 serial port to interface to Computers and other devices (expandable to 8).
  • Time/Date stamped 512 event history log.
  • Menu-driven keypad programming - no manual required!
  • Voice announcement of alarms, zone descriptions, status, etc. *
    • 500+ Word/Phrase Vocabulary.*
    • Link up to 6 words/phrases per announcement.*
    • 10 custom recordable words/phrases.*
  • 13 On-Board Outputs: 1 voice driver/siren, 1 siren driver/voltage, 1 Relay, and 10 voltage outputs - expandable to 208 outputs.
  • Includes Fire alarm verification routine.
  • Can be partitioned into 8 separate areas and accounts.
  • 199 User Codes (4 or 6 digits) with assignable authorities.
  • Arm levels: Away, Stay, Stay Instant, Nite, Nite Instant, Vacation.
  • Plug-in terminals make service and pre-wire simple.*
  • Hardware “watchdog” and nonvolatile EEPROM memory.
  • Supervised phone line.
  • Supervised alarm output.
  • Supervised power supply overcurrent.

* Some features are not available on all models.



  • True V.22 bis Modem for fast reliable upload/download.
  • Optional Ethernet port for user operation, programming.
  • Built-in Telephone Remote makes any phone a keypad.*
  • Integrated Voice Dialler uses vocabulary or custom word/phrases.*
  • Digital Dialler: SIA, Contact ID, 4 + 2, and Pager.*
  • Installer telephone (buttset) test feature.
  • Ness-RP PC programming software includes conflict resolution to easily highlight differences between control and PC. Connection methods include Dial-up (including automatic answering machine bypass), ethernet, or local from RS-232 port or house phone jack.

  * Some features are not available on all models.



  • Create lifestyle enhancing comfort, convenience, and security.
  • Logic programming with Ness’ powerful “Whenever/ And/Then” RULES Programming allows almost any imaginable operation. No need to chain rules together. Any
  • single “Whenever” event can have one or more ANDs and THENs (conditions and commands).
  • Rules utilize easy to understand text-based references.
  • Control lighting using RS-232 serial or 2-way Power Line Control (PLC) ports for On, Off, Dim, All On, All Off commands.
  • Sunset/Sunrise calculation and activation / onboard astronomic clock.
  • Transmit and receive custom serial ASCII strings.
  • Read Temperature Sensors and communicate with Thermostats.
  • Turn on Tasks, Lights, Outputs via Keypad or Telephone Remote or via the Ethernet Interface and “Virtual Keypad”.
  • IR integration to control any device that supports IR remote control, (air con, CD, DVD, TV etc).
  • Networks with a broad range of other systems.



  • Heavy Duty 2.5 Amp power supply w/ 1.5 Amp continuous
  • Master power switch and Low battery disconnect.
  • PTC (fuseless) resettable overload protection.
  • Multiple auxiliary power terminals.




eKeypad Pro


eKeypad M1


eKeypad Alarm


M1 Touch Pro 


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