NESS M1XRFTWM TWR RECEIVER M1 Two-Way Wireless Transceiver

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Protect Your Customers and Install Wireless Security with Confidence

As homes and businesses become smarter, so should the intelligence of their security. Avoid vulnerabilities of 'one way' wireless products by offering a wireless solution that defends against interference, hacking and jamming attacks. Ness’s Two-Way Wireless products incorporate advanced features to ensure secure transmissions, increase reliability, extend battery life, simplify installation, and provide innovative security enhancements.

How is Two-Way Wireless Different?

Secure and Reliable

Encrypted transmissions, frequency hopping and jamming detection make it virtually 
impossible to lock on to the signal providing increased immunity to hacking.

True Signal Acknowledgement

Every signal from each sensor is acknowledged by the transceiver to ensure reliability. This also stops repeat transmissions, saving battery life. Bi-colour LEDs confirm signals have been received, saving installation steps and time.

The Ness M1XRFTWM Transceiver is a unique high-performance radio receiver designed to operate with up to 144 Ness proprietary Two-way radio transmitting devices, including radio keys, radio reed switches and radio PIRs.

The M1XRFTWM Transceiver is wired to the M1 via the 4 Wire High-Speed Databus and receives signals for connecting to accept Ness's complete line of two-way wireless sensors to the Ness M1 cross-platform controller.

The Ness-M1XRFTWM is specifically designed for installations requiring either 1 or multiple transceivers to provide coverage for large areas. It has been optimised to provide superior signal reception and reliability in multi-transceiver applications. 

Advanced features ensure reliability, simplify installation and provide innovative security enhancements. Placed upon the databus the transceiver may be located anywhere along the bus and does not need to be located next to the panel. This means that if required the transceiver could be located up to 1 Km from the panel. Allowing more than 1 receiver to be connected to any system distances between detection devices to the receiver is not an issue.

The wireless zone alarms replace hard wired zones on the M1, where each radio key can either replace one of the 199 user codes or alternately can be programmed in as an addition to user codes 204-255. Each of the 4 buttons on the Ness Radio key can be programmed to work the same globally for each key, or each button can be programmed to work individually from each other.

• True two-way signal acknowledgement,
• Utilises cutting-edge technology to defend against interference, hacking, and jamming 
• Assures installation confidence through signal quality and status LED indicators 
• 902-928 MHz frequency-hopping spread spectrum to ensure the signal gets through.


Works with any of the following Ness Two Way Wireless Devices;

106-270 - Two Way 4 Button Radio Key
106-271 - Two Way LUX PIR
106-276 - Two Way LUX PIR (Pet Version)
106-273 - Two Way Reed Switch
106-272 - Two Way Micro Reed Switch
106-274 - Two Way Smoke Detector (Inc Rate of Rise Detector)




  • Operating Frequency: 902 Mhz to 928 Mhz
  • Sensitivity: >105 dBm
  • Operating Temperature: 0 to +120 degrees F
  • Operating Voltage: 12 Volts D.C.
  • Current Draw: 25mA receiving, 85mA transmitting
  • Housing Dimensions: 6.75” x 4.69” x 1.13”


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