Paradox PK-GOLD-5 MG5050+ Insite Gold IP Kit with TM50 Alarm kit

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The Paradox PK-GOLD-5 MG5050+ Insite Gold IP Kit with TM50 is a comprehensive alarm system that will protect your home or business. This kit includes a hybrid controller with 8-32 zones and 32 users, 2 areas, 4-16 PGM's, 2 wireless analogue motion detectors, a combo siren/strobe, top hat screamer, and an IP150+ internet module for remote programming and IP reporting. Added convenience is provided by the included TM50 5" touchscreen keypad and SpotOn locator.


This kit includes:

  • 1 x Paradox HybridAlarm Controller 8-32 Zones, 32 Users, 2 Areas, 4-16 PGM's, PCB only
  • 1 x Paradox Base Kit, Metal Enclosure, Battery, Plug Pack, Tamper & Telephone Lead
  • 2 x Paradox Wireless Analogue Single-Optic Motion Detector, 18kg Pet Immunity, 433MHz
  • 1 x X2 Combo Siren & Strobe with Status LED and PDX-RX1 Holder
  • 1 x Top hat screamer, 12V DC
  • 1 x Paradox IP150+ Internet Module for Insite Gold, IP Reporting, Remote BabyWare Programming
  • 1 x Paradox TM50 5" Touchscreen Keypad, SpotOn Locator & One Screen Monitoring, White
  • 1 x Paradox MG and SP User Manual

Code: PK-GOLD-5
Brand: Paradox
Product Details
Paradox MG5050+ Insite Gold IP Kit with TM50

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