WISENET Hanwha Vision CT-ANO-L7022R 4MP H.265 NW IR Bullet Fixed Lens Camera A Series

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Introducing the CT-ANO-L7022R Hanwha Vision 4MP H.265 NW IR Bullet Fixed Lens Camera, a top-of-the-line solution for all your surveillance needs. With its advanced features and robust design, this camera sets a new standard for security excellence.

Featuring a high-resolution 4MP sensor, this camera delivers stunning clarity and detail at up to 30 frames per second, ensuring that every frame is captured with precision. Whether it's day or night, the Day & Night (ICR) technology combined with powerful IR LEDs provides exceptional low-light performance, with color sensitivity as low as 0.1Lux and infrared illumination extending up to 25 meters.

Equipped with a 4mm lens offering a wide 78.2° horizontal Field of View (HFoV), this camera provides extensive coverage of your surveillance area, minimizing blind spots and maximizing situational awareness. Whether you need to monitor large outdoor spaces or narrow corridors, this camera is up to the task.

Supporting multiple compression formats including H.265, H.264, and MJPEG, this camera ensures efficient storage and bandwidth utilization without compromising on image quality. Advanced video analytics features such as defocus detection, directional detection, motion detection, enter/exit detection, and tampering detection provide intelligent monitoring and alerting, enhancing security effectiveness.

Designed to withstand the elements, this camera boasts an IP66 weatherproof rating, ensuring reliable operation even in harsh environmental conditions. Its rugged construction and durable design make it ideal for outdoor surveillance applications where reliability is paramount.

With support for Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards (up to 128GB), local storage options are readily available for added convenience and redundancy. Additionally, WiseStream II technology optimizes bandwidth utilization while maintaining high-quality video streams, ensuring cost-effective surveillance solutions without compromising on performance.

Trust the CT-ANO-L7022R Hanwha Vision 4MP H.265 NW IR Bullet Fixed Lens Camera to deliver uncompromising security and peace of mind for your surveillance needs. Invest in the best and protect what matters most.


Hanwha Vision 4MP H.265 NW IR Bullet Fixed Lens Camera


  • 4MP resolution, Up to 30fps(H.265/H.264)
  • Color : 0.1Lux (F1.6, 1/30sec), B/W : 0Lux (IR LED On)
  • 4mm lens w/ 78.2° HFoV
  • IR viewable length: 25m
  • Day & Night (ICR), WDR (120dB)
  • H.265, H.264, MJPEG, Multiple streaming supported
  • Defocus detection, Directional detection, Motion detection, Enter/Exit, Tampering
  • Hallway view (90⁰/270⁰), LDC support, WiseStream II
  • Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC memory slot (Max. 128GB)
  • IP66
More Information
Product Short Info Hanwha Vision 4MP H.265 NW IR Bullet Fixed Lens Camera
Form Factors Bullet
Resolution 4 Megapixel
Lens 4mm Fixed
IR Yes
Max FPS at all resolutions 30 FPS
WDR 120dB
Codec Supported H.264, H.265, MJPEG





The Wisenet A series product line includes cost-effective camera and NVR solutions equipped with the essential functionality security professionals demand. Being affordable without sacrificing features makes it well suited to meet the needs of small to medium sized sites such as retail, banking, and commercial locations.

A Series Overview

Essential camera features, professional performance

Wisenet A series cameras offer clear and accurate imaging with a variety of options including essential form factors, 4MP and 2MP resolutions, and lens types to meet your unique security challenges and circumstances.

4MP and 2MP camera resolution

The Wisenet A series camera line is available in 4MP and 2MP resolution with a variety of fixed and motorized varifocal lens options, producing a clear and crisp image no matter what your surveillance scenario requires.

120dB True WDR

True WDR backlight compensation optimizes images captured in difficult lighting situations.

Realistic image reproduction with LDC

Lens distortion correction technology produces natural-looking images without the distortion often created by conventional camera designs equipped with wide-angle lenses.

Hallway view mode

By rotating the lens on Wisenet A series cameras by 90°, 180°, or 270°, a vertical field of view may be achieved to help better monitor long corridors or hallways

WiseStream II compression technology

Our proprietary compression technology enables storage and bandwidth savings of up to 75% when compared to the use of H.264 compression alone.

30fps real-time video transmission

Wisenet A series cameras in 4MP and 2MP resolution both provide smooth and clear real-time monitoring by transmitting streams at up to 30fps.

License-free Intelligent Video Analytics

Hanwha Vision’s license-free intelligent video analytics technology operates on the edge, alerting operators to abnormal activities in real time. This increase in situational awareness can help to prevent or
minimize damage or harm during an event by prompting a rapid and efficient response.

Intelligent Video Analytics

Motion detection - Triggers an event when
motion is detected in a designated virtual zone
Tamper detection - Triggers an event if the camera
lens is covered or an unauthorized movement that
changes the field of view is detected
Virtual line detection - Triggers an alarm when
objects are detected crossing a pre-defined virtual
line or perimeter
Enter/exit detection - Detection of objects
entering or exiting a designated area
Defocus detection - Triggers an event if loss of
focus is detected (varies by model)

Affordable high quality NVR solutions

Wisenet A series 4CH, 8CH, and 16CH NVRs support maximum camera resolutions of up to 8MP and H.265, H.264, and MJPEG codecs. The improved installation wizard and 4K resolution monitor output make system
setup simple and monitoring crystal clear. Increased accessibility options include the use of P2P connections,
the Wisenet Mobile application, and on PC or Mac with Wisenet Viewer CMS.

Wisenet Viewer CMS

Wisenet Viewer is a free standalone application that can monitor and control multiple Wisenet NVR/DVR devices on your network in real-time from your Mac or PC

Key Features:

Dynamic Drag and Drop Layout Panel: Easily arrange your surveillance layout with a user-friendly drag and drop interface, ensuring intuitive customization.

Custom Layouts and Device Grouping: Tailor your surveillance setup to fit your specific needs by creating custom layouts and grouping devices for efficient monitoring.

Search and Play Recorded Video: Quickly search through recorded video footage and seamlessly play back events for comprehensive review and analysis.

Utilize Multiple Monitors: Enhance your monitoring capabilities by utilizing multiple monitors, maximizing visibility and efficiency.

Event Trigger and Rule Management: Set up event triggers and manage rules to automate responses to detected incidents, streamlining your security operations.

Simple Remote Connection (DDNS/P2P): Easily establish remote connections for monitoring via Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS) or Peer-to-Peer (P2P) technology, ensuring convenient access from anywhere.

Display Web Pages: Integrate additional information or resources by displaying web pages directly within the surveillance interface, enhancing situational awareness.

Play Media Files in Layout: Seamlessly incorporate media files into your surveillance layout, providing additional context or information when needed.

Log Search (Event, System, and Audit): Access comprehensive logs for events, system activities, and audits, enabling thorough analysis and accountability.

Advanced User Permission Management: Maintain control over access and permissions with advanced user management features, ensuring security and compliance.

Real-Time System Monitoring at a Glance: Keep track of system performance and status in real-time, providing instant insights into the health and operation of your surveillance infrastructure.

Built-In AI Metadata Search: Harness the power of artificial intelligence to search through metadata, enabling rapid and accurate retrieval of relevant information for enhanced security and efficiency.

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