WISENET {Obsolete} CT-PNM-7002VD Hanwha P Series 2MP x 2CH Multi-Directional Camera (Lens not included)

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Introducing the {Obsolete} CT-PNM-7002VD Wisenet P Series, a revolutionary 2MP x 2CH multi-directional camera designed to provide unparalleled surveillance coverage with its advanced features and modular design. Although this model is now obsolete, its capabilities remain noteworthy, making it a valuable asset for various surveillance applications.

Key Features:

  • Modular Design: This multi-directional camera features exchangeable 2 x 5MP lens modules, allowing for customizable configurations to suit specific surveillance requirements. Each module offers a resolution of 5MP, providing detailed and high-quality imaging.

  • High Frame Rate: Capture fast-moving objects with clarity and precision thanks to the maximum frame rate of 60fps@2M in H.265 / H.264 formats, ensuring smooth and fluid video playback.

  • Dynamic Imaging Technologies: Experience exceptional image quality in various lighting conditions with Day & Night functionality and WDR (150dB), ensuring clear visibility and accurate monitoring even in challenging environments.

  • Advanced Analytics: Detect and analyze various events with features such as loitering detection, directional detection, fog detection, motion detection, and tampering detection, enhancing security and enabling proactive surveillance.

  • WiseStreamII Support: Benefit from WiseStreamII technology, which optimizes bandwidth and storage efficiency while maintaining high-quality video streaming, ensuring cost-effective and efficient video management.

  • Storage Options: Each camera is equipped with SD/SDHC/SDXC memory slots, allowing for convenient on-board storage options to store surveillance footage locally.

  • Power over Ethernet (PoE): Simplify installation and reduce wiring complexity with PoE support (IEEE802.3af, Class3), allowing for both data transmission and power supply over a single Ethernet cable.

  • Robust Construction: Built to withstand harsh outdoor environments, this camera boasts an IP66 weatherproof rating and IK10 vandal-resistant rating, ensuring reliable performance and durability in any conditions.

The {Obsolete} CT-PNM-7002VD Wisenet P Series multi-directional camera may be outdated, but its advanced features and modular design set a standard for comprehensive surveillance coverage. Whether used for monitoring outdoor areas, securing critical infrastructure, or enhancing security in commercial facilities, this camera offers exceptional performance and reliability for various surveillance applications.

More Information
Product Short Info 2MP x 2CH Multi-Directional Camera (Lens not included)
Form Factors Multi-sensor
Resolution 2 Megapixel
Max FPS at all resolutions 30 FPS
WDR 150dB
Codec Supported H.264, H.265, MJPEG




5 years warranty



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Hanwha Vision’s P series camera line includes several unique categories that showcase our ability to deliver the best in AI video analytics, multi-sensor technology, and innovative design

Wisenet P series AI Cameras

Cover wide areas with one camera

Wisenet P series multi-sensor cameras are equipped with multiple sensors, allowing them to effectively monitor wide areas with just a single device.
Multi-directional cameras can simultaneously monitor multiple directions
without any blind spots.
By installing Wisenet multi-sensor cameras, the cost of system installation and maintenance is reduced while successfully monitoring wide areas.

Remote motorized PTRZ control for easy installation

The PNM-9084QZ has become more compact and lighter to make installation a lot easier even on a ladder.
The PNM-9084RQZ, PNM-9085RQZ and PNM-9084QZ support remote PTRZ (Pan, tilt, rotate and zoom) setup,
saving installers time and effort of making adjustments on a ladder to change the setting.

Built-in IR illuminator for monitoring in low light environment

The PNM-9084RQZ/9085RQZ has built-in IR illuminator to each of the four lenses.
Each lens and its IR illuminator move together when users control the lenses, producing clear images up to 30 meters even in low-light environments

Natural and clearer image

When using a fisheye camera, it brings low image quality and image distortion at each edge of the image. However, the Multidirectional camera with 4 sensors brings almost non image distortion and shows clearer image at each edge of the image.

Improve bandwidth by up to 99% using WiseStream II

When Hanwha Techwin’s original video compression technology WiseStream II is combined with H.265 compression,
the bitrate data is reduced by up to 99% compared to current H.264 technology. The costs of configuring and maintaining the system are also greatly reduced, while still maintaining the same pixels and high quality.

True WDR performance

Even with backlight, Wisenet’s cutting-edge WDR technology addresses a limitation found in conventional WDR cameras while producing clear and vivid images. WDR improves the accuracy of an image by resolving the difference in brightness.

Optimized for indoor and outdoor environments

Wisenet P series panoramic and multi-directional cameras are suitable to monitor even the smallest details in a wide area. They are ideal for applications such as warehouse, shopping mall entrances, train stations,
parking lots, and more supporting IP66, IK10.

Hallway view for monitoring vertical shaped areas

In a vertical shaped environment, such as corridors, hallways, tunnels, or aisles, traditional horizontal shaped videos focus on unnecessary edges of the area causing bandwidth and storage waste. The Hallway view, 3 : 4 and 9 : 16 aspect ratio image is created : a vertically oriented video that maximizes image quality in narrow locations.

A comprehensive range of intelligent video/audio analytics

Wisenet P series multi-sensor cameras support a variety of exclusive video and audio analytics, providing enhanced monitoring solutions and market intelligence.

Accessory configuration

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