Lockwood EMZ8 E/MAGNET 12/24VDC 单监控

Lockwood货号: EMZ8E1224VDC

销售价格$237.00 AUD 正常价格$300.00 AUD


Lockwood Padde 系列单系列电磁锁的操作保持力为 250 公斤至 580 公斤。 Z4 和 Z8 电磁体涵盖一系列应用,非常适合从橱柜门到高使用率商业平开门的应用。


  • 故障安全:断电时解锁
  • 安装方便:适合新建和改造使用
  • 高夹持力:参见背面技术数据
  • 自对准:电枢板枢轴以适应门下降
  • 静音运行:无嗡嗡声或嗡嗡声
  • 双电压:现场可选 12 或 24 Vdc
  • 监控:所有型号上的簧片开关监控。霍尔效应监控 Z8 型号。
  • 瞬时释放:Z 系列电磁铁上的智能电子器件可消除剩磁


  • 铝门
  • 玻璃门
  • IT储藏室
  • 访问控制
  • 适用于内开和外开门的表面安装


保持力 550公斤-580公斤
方面 (长)266×(高)72×(深)40毫米
电压 12Vdc/24Vdc±10%
当前的 280mA @ (12Vdc) 140mA @ (24Vdc)
监控 没有任何
工作温度 -25 至 55 度
工作湿度 0-95%

Reed Switches: Elevating Security Solutions

Reed switches are a fundamental component in modern security systems, offering versatile and reliable solutions for a wide range of applications. At CCTV Importers, we prioritize the integration of high-quality components into your security setup, and our selection of premium reed switches is no exception. Let's delve deeper into the features and benefits of reed switches to understand their importance in safeguarding your property.

Key Features and Benefits:

Reliability and Durability:

  • Reed switches are renowned for their robust construction and long-term reliability, ensuring consistent performance even in demanding environments.
  • With minimal moving parts and no mechanical contacts, reed switches are less prone to wear and tear, contributing to their extended operational life.

Versatility in Applications:

  • Reed switches find applications in various security devices, including door and window sensors, motion detectors, alarm systems, and more.
  • Their versatility allows for integration into a wide range of security solutions, offering flexibility in system design and deployment.

Fast Response Time:

  • With rapid response times, reed switches detect changes in magnetic fields swiftly, triggering alarms or activating/deactivating security devices promptly.
  • This quick response enhances the effectiveness of security systems, ensuring timely detection and response to potential threats.

Low Power Consumption:

  • Reed switches boast low power requirements, making them energy-efficient components suitable for battery-powered security systems.
  • Their minimal power consumption helps prolong battery life, reducing the need for frequent replacements and ensuring continuous protection.

Ease of Installation and Maintenance:

  • Reed switches are typically easy to install and require minimal maintenance, simplifying the setup process and reducing installation time and costs.
  • Their user-friendly design and hassle-free operation make them an attractive choice for security professionals and homeowners alike.

Applications and Use Cases:

  • Intrusion Detection: Reed switches serve as integral components in door and window sensors, detecting unauthorized entry attempts and triggering alarms to alert occupants or security personnel.
  • Perimeter Security: Integrated into fencing or gate systems, reed switches provide reliable detection of perimeter breaches, enhancing overall security and deterring intruders.
  • Asset Protection: Utilized in asset tracking systems, reed switches monitor the movement of valuable assets, such as equipment or vehicles, safeguarding against theft or unauthorized removal.
  • Environmental Monitoring: Reed switches can be employed in environmental monitoring systems to detect changes in magnetic fields caused by seismic activity, ensuring early warning and mitigation of potential hazards.

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